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Posted by Ashi on 12/05/2015   Email

A big thank you to Sam and Amy who have supported me. The world needs more people like you genuine and sympathetic. You actively improved things for me. I am much happier now and feel positive. Thank you very much. And a big thank you to their manager jannet for giving them permission to take so much time out of their schedule to come and help and support me.

Posted by Mandy Richmond on 04/06/2013

I recently bought a lovely 3 piece suite from yourselves. I am thrilled with the service i received, especially the delivery men who treated my furniture as if it was a brand new bespoke order. They were courteous and efficient. Thank you

Posted by Jo on 01/03/2012

In 1995 I was 24, a single mum to a 4 year old, my mother had passed away & my relationship had broken up. I was living in temporary accommodation in South London & surviving on benefits, I had no qualifications. I really thought there was no way out of my situation & contemplated ending my life. Fortunately my life turned around starting with help from CHAS. Mary found me a 2 bedroom flat near to where I was already living. That was the start of my life improving. I moved into the flat & got a job. A few years later I returned to education & gained an honours degree & a post grad qualification in Careers Guidance. I now work as a careers adviser helping young people. I have another lovely young son & am a homeowner! I remembered this morning that I don't think I ever properly thanked Mary or CHAS. I wanted you to know that your organisation was the catalyst in completely and utterly changing my life. Thank you so much for all the good work you do and long may it continue.

Posted by Cozy on 26/07/2011

I just want to say I have been really impressed with the speed & efficiency of the collection and the two men who called were polite and REALLY helpful. Not only did they remove unwanted items - but its really good to know that the items will find a good home elsewhere. I will definately use the service again - I wll spread the word since I beleive this service makes a huge difference thanks so much.

Posted by Happy Customer on 20/07/2011

Thanks CHAS - I bought a second hand IKEA sofa for a fraction of the original price and my room now has that WOW factor.

Posted by Charlotte Holmes on 09/06/2011

I bought some clothes and books for my children. They clothes were from Next, Mothercare, and M & S. The books were Ladybird ones. They were very reasonably priced.

Posted by Miss R on 02/06/2011

I looked everywhere for a waxed pine bookcase, most of the ones I saw cost £250 plus. I found one at CHAS for £30.... its as good as new! I'm really pleased with it, and I'm glad my money is going to a good cause.

Posted by Mrs B on 26/05/2011

i bought some bedroom furniture for my children, which i wouldn't have been able to afford for brand new. My friends say it looks really lovely. Thanks for your help.