Why donate to CHAS @ St Vincent's?
Your donation of furniture and household goods that you no longer need can make a massive difference to someone's life. Not only will someone else get to enjoy your pre-loved item, the funds raised by its sale enable us to provide free support and advice services. Anyone can contact us for housing and money management advice; no one knows when they are likely to need that information. For example in the recent recession we had an increase in requests for help from people who were in work, many with good jobs who were facing redundancy or a cut in pay. Your furniture donation today will enable us to protect these services for the future in case you or any of your loved ones need our support.

Donations are collected free of charge, so there is no on cost to you.

Collections are arranged with you in advance. We will agree a day with you when you call to book your collection. At present we cannot specify what time of the day we will be calling, this is because we do not know the route until all the available bookings are made. If you provide us with a phone number we will contact you up to 30 minutes before we arrive at the premises.

Fridges, Washers, Cookers, Freezers, Dishwashers:
If you are thinking of changing one of the above, please think of CHAS  before you dispose of the item through another method. Collections arranged by the vendor of your new item usually mean your old one will be crushed..... even if it is only a few years old.  Many large electrical items are re-useable and could assist someone on a budget.  Some people may think that the higher purchase schemes of new items would be preferable - of course the item would come with a 12 month guarantee and hopefully wouldn't breakdown within the higher purchase period.  This is true, however the high interest rates  push the cost of the item up dramatically. For example, one of our staff bought a new duel fuel cooker for £500.  To purchase the electrical version of the same cooker at one of the well know electrical retailers  in Bradford cost £530; however it could only be purchased on a HP scheme with extremely low weekly payments. The interest charged pushed the overall costs up to a staggering £1500 - THIS is the poverty trap. Help us to break this cycle by donating your old whitegoods to us.

What sort of items do we need?
Practically anything used in a household - along with the regular items we have had donations of gym equipment, electric wheelchairs and talking microwaves !  

The more regular items include suites, beds, tables and chairs, fridges, freezers, washers, kettles, microwaves, bedding, ornaments, cots, prams, wardrobes, drawers, dressers, mirrors, clocks ... anything that is re-useable.

We have both electrical and joinery workshops.  We will repair larger items where we can. Even if we cannot repair the item, we can use the parts to repair similar models and we can breakdown what's left to gain funds from scrap metal.

If you are thinking of donating upholstered items, such as suites and upholstered dining chairs, you will need to check that it has a fire safety label attached. It is usually underneath. Without this label we cannot take the item as we are legally not allowed to pass it on.  If you need assistance finding it please ring one of our team on 01274 731909.