CHAS @ St Vincent's is a community project of the St Vincent de Paul Society (England and Wales)
CHAS was founded in May 1965 (charity registration 244980). Local volunteers provided furniture donations for those who had little and free legal housing advice to people under the threat of homelessness. In April 2012 CHAS merged into the national charity St Vincent de Paul Society (England and Wales). 

CHAS @ St Vincents provides a variety of services to help reduce the effects of poverty on local people.  We provide:

  • A Furniture Re-use scheme so people on a low budget can purchase good quality second hand furniture and household goods

  • Provison of low cost white goods (fridges, cookers, washers, etc)

  • Free specialist level Housing Advocacy to anyone threatened with homelessness or having problems with their landlord

  • Free specialist level Debt and Money Management advice to tenants of Incommunities and the general public

  • An indepth Support programme for people who need skills to help them keep their home and to stop them becoming homeless again

  • Free general level advice and assistance in welfare benefits and immigration

  • Assitance for clients who have extreme difficulty handling their weekly financial affairs (please note this scheme does not include access to any loans or funds)
Support from the local community has always been a main feature in our work. We welcome volunteers to help in our shops, offices or furniture service.  Please check out the volunteers page. We also need donations for our furniture shops; we will collect them from you free of charge. High quality used goods are sold on at low cost. All funds we raise are used to help us to continue to provide for people who need our support.

St Vincent de Paul Society (England and Wales), or SVP for short, has local groups called Conferences. Their members are mainly (though not exclusively) from the Christian faith. Conference members offer support through visiting and assisting anyone who needs their help, regardless of personal beliefs or faith. Along with the Community projects, Conference members operate under the following values:

We aim to show a compassion that is non-judgmental towards those with whom we work.
We respect the dignity of all in the knowledge that we are all equal.
We aim to be generous with our time, our possessions and ourselves in the service of others.
We aim to be alert to the ever changing needs in the communities in which we work and to respond accordingly in order to alleviate poverty in all its forms as well as we can.
We recognize our accountability to those we seek to help; whilst acting within the limits of our own knowledge and skills.
We respect the confidentiality of those we help, whilst recognizing that the physical and mental wellbeing of any vulnerable party must always be paramount.

Contact Details

CHAS @ St Vincent's
Allenby House
Rees Way

Tel: 01274 726790
email: info@svphelpinglocally.org.uk
Office opening hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Tel: 01274 726790
email: info@svphelpinglocally.org.uk
Allenby House Shop is open 9am to 4pm on Monday to Thursday and 9am to 2pm on Friday

Sunbridge Road, Bradford, BD1 2AA
Opening Soon

Tel: 01274 684596
114 Tong Street, Dudley Hill, Bradford, BD4 6HD
Opening hours are 9am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday